A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life

We are entering the end of June and summer is reaching its climax. Today, we’ve had temperatures above the 80’s with clear skies, and the sun has been delivering its hot rays gracefully over my patio. I then decided to start the week off right by tanning and reading my new issue of Allure magazine. (Frankly, I’m not much of a magazine reader, I rather read books, but since I am paying for my subscription-which happened by accident- I decided to get my money’s worth and read the issues.) As I settled in my patio chair and flipped through the Allure pages, I began to think that I was wasting my time reading about how to get the best out of my makeup, how to “win” a guy’s heart, and how to pick my next fragrance. That is until I stumbled upon an article written by the author Colum McCan.
In his article, McCan speaks about his joy in writing from a woman’s perspective. He claims that, “Women are far more complicated than men, and therefore, more attractive…more engaging.” McCan explains that he writes from a woman’s perspective because he is perhaps scare of himself and does not want to “confront the radical truth” of his own and unadventurous life. This, I realized, is not only true for McCan, but for myself as well. Many times I find myself indulging in romantic novels or browsing the web, trying to imagine a different and more exciting life other than my own. I look towards reading and browsing as a means to escape reality because I often feel unsatisfied with my life. I don’t have the romantic life of the characters that I read about in my books, nor do I have the dream home and closet that I’ve virtually created for myself on Pinterest.
I guess as someone who writes constantly, I tend to analyze most areas of my life, especially when I sit down with my lap top and get ready to describe the indescribable, or in other words, my crazy emotions. After giving myself some time to think about what I had just read, I came to realize that I am insane for thinking that fantasy is better than reality! It is so easy for me to oversee the things that make my life the best story ever told. I have the most incredible family and friends whom I laugh with so much that it usually ends with me having to run to the bathroom before I make a huge mess. I have a great job that allows me to take care of myself, travel, and see the world’s beauties. I also attend the most incredible college, and I take part in the GREATEST love story ever told- The Bible.
Indulging in romantic novels and dreaming of owning things I cannot afford yet is not a bad thing. However, convincing myself that fantasy is better than reality is truly the most misleading thought of all. As I finished reading through the July issue of Allure magazine, I actually felt satisfied in the acknowledgement that true beauty and excitement does not come from the pages in magazines or books. Beauty rather comes from the way I view my life. I have decided to embrace the truth in Psalm 139:14- that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made…” and live a fantastic story that is being written by the most incredible Author.


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