Beauty in Christmas


It has been Christmas for five minutes and already I am overwhelmed with joy. As I sit here in my living room, with the lights dimmed just enough to feel the warmth from the sight of my Christmas tree and with a plate containing nothing but cookie crumbs, I can’t help but feel loved. My family and friends never fail to make me smile and make me feel incredibly blessed. However, the love I feel is different; it is one I don’t deserve but pours into my life, one that brings me to my knees. How do I know this love is real? Well, as C.S Lewis phrases it, “If I find myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only reasonable explanation is that I was made for another world.” This love satisfies me in ways that nothing else can; where does it come from?

Why is it that during the Holidays, most of the world feels inclined to give, to do something good for someone? Is it that people recognize something is different, that we must behave a certain way, at least this time of year? I personally believe that people acknowledge their warm and fuzzy feelings and allow  others to relish in their kindness during Christmas time, but why? People love because they are loved, loved by this love that gives and does not ask for anything in return; this love loves not because people are worthy by their own doings, but because this love makes them worthy. This is reflected and given through others, which I guess explains why people also want to be with their dear ones during the Holidays. During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of this love, of everything good.

The beauty in Christmas is that it challenges people to love, to turn away from anything harmful. May this be due to the fact that everyone is born with a recognition of goodness in them and it is accentuated during the time of year when the air feels warmer, even when it is 20 degrees out, and when everything appears slightly more peaceful? It is so hard to continue to make the effort to love and to forgive throughout the year; is it because we are not constantly decorating our homes with romantic lights and exchanging presents? I don’t know about you, but I am ready to seek the true beauty in Christmas and maintain this astounding love for the entire year. I am no longer satisfied with the pretty wrapping paper and bows; I want to use the gifts I am given to show others that this love is real, and it does not have an expiration date, like the actual Christmas season does (some say it is January 4th, Three Kings Day? Or when people’s Christmas trees begin to die, but then people with artificial trees would get confused… I guess it is still arguable…)

The extraordinary feelings that come along with the Christmas season began in a manger, with our Savior. Jesus Christ was sent to love and to show us how much He loves us through His daily sacrifices and offerings. This is what I want to do with my life: offer it to those around me and serve throughout the entire year. The beauty in Christmas is found in the love that satisfies us in the way that lights, presents, money, and prestige can’t; it is found in every person that loves.

Yes, I did notice how many times I say the word love, but doesn’t that only continue to prove my point? 😉

Merry Christmas.


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