Friends pick us…

Friends pick us when we fall down, and if they can’t pick us up, they lie down and listen for a while.

Eyes tightly shut, my hands hold my stomach, I can’t breathe, I can’t speak, I’m in pain and losing control… Laughter is the greatest gift that my friends provide me with every time we’re together; it is pure, honest, and healing. Within the last few months, I have met the people that will remain a part of my life forever. Each meal, each favor, each night, and each conversation has drawn me closer to my friends, and they have made me extremely thankful to be a part of the most epic group of people I have ever met. The luxury of living translucent within friends where judgment does not occupy the room, and where life turns into a sitcom every time we come together, is not taken for granted on my part. I would give my life for any of those I call friends.

Out of this group of friends, there is one person that knows me better than most. She knows what is written in my heart, she understands the thoughts that travel in and out of my head, she knows the story behind my tattoo- she gets it. This girl has allowed me to see her for who she is, has trusted me with much more than just her homework, and has provided me with a sisterhood that is stronger than any other bond I have recently formed. This connection is everlasting and real.

The connection that I find within others reminds me of the greatest connection that a being could ever find. I found it when I was sixteen and on the brink of breaking, a time when I realized that I can’t do it alone. As I’ve mention and as I will continue to say, Christ saved me from myself, and I’ve formed a relationship with  Him that is very much real and very much present. This relationship is similar to the relationship I have with my friends, thus I find Him and new pieces of myself in each of them every day. With my friends, I live the life that we were intended to live. To think that these people were strangers to me not too long ago blows my mind; each of them is a tiny miracle to me.


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