“… But what if you fly?”

I am sitting at my terminal in Stockholm, Sweden, ready to catch the second of three planes, and desperate to kill these next five hours. I am dizzy from my sleepless and incredibly short night, and a little nauseous from eating dinner and breakfast within three hours of each other on the last flight. Do I sound grumpy? Maybe I am a little. (I just want a bed and eight hours of sleep!) Despite my foggy thoughts and feelings at the moment, I will try to make them brave and clear.

In the past, I’ve only ever traveled to Spanish speaking countries, places that I do not need to make much effort to fit in or to understand the culture. Somehow I find that the Latin culture will always be instilled in me, thus making it easy for me to connect with other Latinos and feel at ease. However, I now find myself in a Scandinavian country, surrounded by a sea of beautiful, tall, fashionable, blond haired and blue eyed people, speaking languages I wish I could understand. I listen, watch, and smile to myself in admiration of the new way of life that I am finding already…But I am not a part of it (yet?). I’ll admit, asking a waiter if he speaks English before I order a cup of coffee is something very new to me, and as challenging as it may be to adapt, I am finally beginning to get excited over the experiences that lie ahead! As I have mentioned before, I don’t grow without stepping out of my comfort zone, without tearing walls down. I am excited to see the ways in which this Scandinavian journey will change me and make me a better me. Perhaps I will finally learn how to be fashionable, find a career path I want to follow, or even learn how to cook! (I may be dreaming on that one…)

With the world at my fingertips, I continue to stand in awe at the feet of Christ, knowing how much He has blessed me with, and knowing that through the help of my parents He has brought me here. In this loopy state that I am in, it is easier for me to believe that this more of a dream than my reality. But I know that I will wake up tomorrow in Oulu, Finland, knowing that I have to get my butt out of bed and begin everything that requires me to have a successful trip. I hope I don’t screw anything up!

Until next time.


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