It hasn’t been a week?!

It has been almost a week since I arrived in Oulu, Finland, but it feels like a month!

This entire week has consisted of non-stop tedious, yet important, errands. My legs are still complaining as they get accustomed to the cycling and walking life. In the last 6 days (after a long and tiring journey here), I’ve toured the city and the university, registered for classes, collected my stipend, paid rent, went grocery shopping, furniture shopping, went to class, went to the doctor for a regular check up, have prepared my meals (calling it cooking would be a stretch…), set up my room, looked for kitchen supplies, struggled with the internet in my room (still don’t have any…) and so much more. All of this takes long to do considering I have yet to buy a bike, so I walk everywhere. Whew! Maybe I should stop writing about the boring errands. I’m tired all over again thinking about the last week!

Aside from the activity that life demands from all of us when we are setting up and trying to make a home for ourselves somewhere foreign, the world around us continues with its beauty and wonders; I am making the effort, even in the craziness, to make time for such things. Last weekend, I visited the local beach, whose beauty is absolutely breathtaking. It is a large and white sand beach, where the Baltic Sea kisses the shore continuously and the autumn air gives a slight cold, yet refreshing, breeze, literally calming every heart that lays eyes on it. Because it is still September, it is warm enough for many windsurfers and swimmers to enjoy the sea, and for me to walk along the shore with a light coat and feel comfortable. The view is incredible. On my early morning jog yesterday, I let myself get lost in the walking and bike tracks, and discovered several ways to enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea. The wind millers and red-siding buildings add to my view. Last night, after a long and frustrating day, I went for a walk and watched the sunset over the sea while standing on a bridge- it sounds much more romantic than it was: My fingers were numb from the freezing breeze, I was a little snotty from the cold-winter allergies I usually get, afternoon joggers and bikers were annoyed with me for standing still, and my phone nearly fell into the water as I tried to take a picture of the scenery, but I did snap a picture 😉

I haven’t met many people yet, and I’ve kind of made the effort not to socialize much. I’ve been so tired the last 6 days that meeting people does not sound very appealing to me. However, those I have met are absolutely wonderful people and I am excited for my social life to pick up next week, when my life here is a little more in order.

Leaving to work on a group project for a class…Did I mention I’m taking Master classes instead of Bachelor? So much homework!


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