Beautiful People

Have you ever experienced so much love transferred through family and friends that you feel like your heart will explode? It doesn’t sound like a good feeling, but trust me, it is! I have been spoiled and have felt this overwhelming feeling several times throughout my life- God is so good. But I underestimate Him and believe that I cannot have more people in my life who can give me more of this mind-bending type of love. Thankfully, I am proven wrong each time.

Before coming to Finland, I have mentioned before, I didn’t really have any expectations- I had no idea about what was awaiting for me here, so I didn’t think about it much. Prior to my arrival, I mainly focused on how much I would miss my friends back home and everything else I would be missing during my time abroad.  I, of so little faith, have been caught once again by surprise by the treasures I have found here, specifically one person.

I have very good friends back home. Since my blood family lives in Guatemala and I don’t actually know many of them, my friends in The States become my family. I love them very much, I try to remind them of that often, and even call one of them sissy- I can’t call her a friend because it doesn’t describe what she means to me. Anyways, because I experience so much overwhelming love from my friends at home, I don’t expect to find anyone else who would mean so much to me anywhere else. But I found a friend here in Finland who smothers me with so much love and kindness that I’m left speechless every day- saying kiitos (“thank you”) does not cut it, so I’m writing a blog about her 😉

My friend’s name is Henna (I hope she’s okay with me mentioning her name), she’s 27, and one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, inside and out. We met when she emailed me, asking to meet for lunch because she had some questions about Washington College, the school she will be attending for the Spring semester (I know, I’m unbelievably lucky to have her around for an additional semester). During that lunch we got to know each other, and we found out that we are actually neighbors. Since then, we have pretty much moved in together.

Henna and I do everything together- eat, go food shopping, travel, do our homework (we do not study the same subjects), cook, work-out, watch Netflix, be bored, laugh until we’re about to pee ourselves, teach each other different languages…we share our dreams, goals, expectations, fears, faith, testimonies, even money, with each other. Henna has saved me from every type of distress I would have faced if she wasn’t here. She has taught me so much, and it is people like her that help me become a better person. Henna is an angle and I can’t wait to experience more with her. I hope she knows that she is stuck with me, her annoying ‘little sister’ (I tease her more than I do my own brothers, hehe), for the rest of her life, no matter the distance.

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